The ETFS Capital team is devoted to building great companies, whether in the ETF or wider investment space, with enduring value by sharing our industry insight, expertise and strategic know-how.

Every company we invest in is provided with a bespoke resource and support framework needed to thrive in a fast changing and increasingly volatile world.

ETF Securities Australia

An expert, independent provider of accessible investment solutions and a source of actionable investor knowledge for Australian investors and their advisors.

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Specialists in the gathering, normalising and distribution of global ETF and Index composition data using market-leading technology.

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ETF Stream

ETF Stream is the “go to” website for everything ETF related in Europe and Asia/Australasia with a team of journalists reporting daily. Alongside our sister media brand, AltFi, we are bringing the most exciting parts of the investment industry to an increasingly wider audience.

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ETF Logic

ETFLogic is a fintech platform supported by a multi-functional team of experts providing cutting edge analytics and data about the true cost, liquidity and risks of ETFs.

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TreasurySpring is a fintech company unlocking the multi-trillion dollar short-term funding markets via their innovative Fixed-Term Fund (FTF) platform.

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Moorgate Benchmarks

Moorgate Benchmarks’ mission is to enable index providers and product issuers to create new products delivering true choice for all investors and challenge an industry ripe for disruption.

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Skylight IPV

Skylight IPV is a leading provider of independent OTC derivatives valuation data to investment banks and commodity trading houses for their accounting and risk functions.

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WealthKernel is a fast-growing UK-based digital wealth infrastructure and technology provider that enables companies to widen access to wealth management services for a broader universe of people.

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AltFi provides market-leading news, opinion, insights and events for the rapidly-growing alternative finance and fintech community. Alongside our sister media brand, ETF Stream, we are bringing the most exciting parts of the investment industry to an increasingly wider audience.

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Velox provides a bridge to the future of front office technology, empowering capital markets firms to overcome the innovation stagnation in front office.

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Fundment is a Digital First wealth management platform which delivers a superior experience for today’s wealth firms and their clients.

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