| Written by: Mark Weeks, ETFS Capital, | 10 Feb 2020

What would you say is your secret to success?

To me, my first secret to success, has got to be purpose and I believe that to be a fundamental truth for everything I do, that you need to be clear, about what it is you’re setting out to achieve.

How do you define purpose?

I’d say that a company’s purpose is their single underlying objective, that unifies all stakeholders. Forget products, forget profit – for a founder aiming for a long term, sustainable and successful business model, purpose comes first.

Is this often forgotten by founders?

All too often, we see founders mistaking being busy for productivity, many attempting to tackle slow sales and growth by making themselves ‘busy’. While new hires, products, press interviews, for example, are all crucial activities, they can only be productive if there’s a clear purpose driving and uniting them.